Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gotta Have a Wawa: Too Much Gas?

Hello all, got a warning for you. I will condense this as much as possible. The son of a friend of mine stopped at a local Wawa for gas. He asked for $10.00 in gas and even showed the attendant the ten dollar bill. The attendant did not want it at that point; I believe they have to wait until after gas is pumped. My friend's son then proceeded to walk into the store for something and left the vehicle while the gas was pumping. Herein lies the problem. When he returned there was over $40.00 of gas that had been pumped into the vehicle. The attendant then asked for the $40.00 plus dollars. My friend's son explained that he asked for $10.00 since that was all the cash he had for gas. This quickly escalated into an argument and the police were even called. Her son was told to go home and get the money and return within a certain time frame or charges would be pressed. Being severely irritated with how the whole thing was handled my friend called Wawa corporate. Wawa corporate customer service was very apologetic to her and went so far to say that the Wawa assistant manager violated policy by getting involved. Gas related issues are supposed to be directed to the store's general manager. As of this afternoon Wawa corporate was sending out a gift card for the $30.00+ diference in what was asked for and what her son as forced to pay. They also said that the local store would probably also contact them with some kind of peace offering. Being a huge fan of Wawa I am very happy that corporate really stepped up to the plate to apologize to her and try to rectify the situation.
Anyway, this has happened to me before at another gas station. Unfortunately it is looking like an unwise decision to leave your vehicle while gas is being pumped into it. Theft by deception or just a mistake could cost you more than you planned on.

Spam: Poetry Edition, subject-don't you own parter

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-Africa Rbruda

I think Spitzer may have said change while ways last.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

Bulk Mail Bonanza: New job! startling edition

Napolean and Lil Napolean or Napolean's Napolean

Oh jeez. This one just landed in spam land.
This is from Cavrak Rach and the subject is New job! startling

"Hey,New job offerhttp://bertaweingartneroc.blogspot.com/
Of his love, to come and visit the empress. And death andthe treachery of tyler had turned the of my experiment myneck was literally not worth liguria and sicily. The customhad therefore become is there any reason why i should passyes, said poy tell her ta why tat he wouldn't pe hafingmouths of the rivers he proceeded. And as he journeyed napoleonsnapoleon, he is always popular, ten camp. Long previously,however, pottery of a great that they might be here. Andrewhad better see with the splashed blood and the rare wound.ah, young and old (especially the heads of families)' methat over again, for a moment knighton was case has beenpresent to me, longmore answered, souls. As a teacher ofgreek i gave the intellectual."

The death of treachery tyler hurt me too. And Napolean's Napolean is a sight to behold.

Bulk Mail Bonanza: alkmaar edition

This is my secure Bruce.

Now for more exciting spam courtesy of Heras Gannon and the subject is alkmaar.

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By which she always mastered her audience. She art thingsas some other folks, if he had the the glass paperweight,and the steel engraving garage, got out her car, and droveoff in it about the groundthat could be nobody but the crowdin straightened his back, and was putting out his prizeover heinrich kellerman, and for a number my heels he wouldfind a stout oaken door, securely bruce. It is generallyknown that that great monarch, is my wife? I must tell herthat all is well. That you intended it for a flag,' saidelizabeth my addrcss isharley street aar a coi^51^^ sittlnslashed his wounds, and he fell back into the mud with thepoysers that he would follow them to have their ways ofdropping occasionally, or being."

God that's beautiful *sniff* Pardon me, I need to go securely bruce my oaken door.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bulk Mail Bonanza: cholinergic edition

I like to think this is Sharrat Brown.

More mind-warping fun brought to us courtesy of Sharrat Brown regarding the subject cholinergic. Enjoy...

"Ni hao, Are you a ffrequent visitor of retaail softtware stores?We know what you're overpayinng for:- box mannufacturing- CD- ssalesperson salary- Reent of shop spaace- Year-to-yeear increaasing taxes in your counttryWell, what for ?! You're able to doownload everythiing legally NOW!FFabulous range of softtware and LOW prices will make you smile and save your money! Welcome to http://ilenematulage.blogspot.com/

Was the answer which miss gertrude white sent it is thesemen that become unmindful of the homa, as the trunk of anelephant, cut off (by partha), went back into the paradou,without even turning shot by me is capable of slaying allcreatures. With you. He turned to graham and jenkins. Alone,dei, xix. Cc. 13.see madvig, de fin. Ed. 2, p.also bearwith me if i say that i have a little more arms, that asceticof rigid vow stood in his hermitage, and his cortege crossedthe canal by the bridge that is all armed. Whereby he thatconsidereth much less a parcel of beerswilling germs. Thecould not be prevailed upon to budge, and knowing doubtlessthose of cornelius and his sister. The and with that cooljet of water partha gratified."

That cooljet of brain water gratified my partha as well. Thank you, Sharrat

Monday, February 4, 2008

Antique Secretary and Desks

It is such a joy for me to collect antiques. As any lover of antiques will tell you, the story behind each piece, as well as how you came to have it, is a huge portion of the pleasure. Sometimes realizing that each piece has a lifetime, if not lifetimes, of memories attached is so emotional.
The first picture is the inside of my paternal grandmother's mahogany escritoire, in this case a ladies writing desk. The second photo shows the whole desk and you can clearly see its beautifully turned legs. She gave this to me recently since unfortunately she can no longer live on her own. This used to sit in her living room holding her phone and other correspondence odds and ends. I am very fortunate to still have her in my life at 90 years old.
The third photo is my walnut typewriter desk. I was searching the classifieds, Ebay and Craigslist for a desk for my schoolwork. I came across an ad in Craigslist DE for somebody selling a desk for 10$. I figured it was a mistake. I called the number and he said he still had the desk and gave a brief description and verified the 10$ price. I could not believe it. Well that weekend I rushed over to DE with my mother to pick it up and lo and behold it was beautiful. We paid the 10$, snatched up the desk as fast as we could and beat it out of there. My mother kept whispering this can't be right. He must be selling off someone else's stuff out of spite. Like I said we flew out of here before he changed his mind. I took one drawer of the desk to a local antique dealer who told me between our explanation of what it looked like and the wood on the drawer, he said it was worth at least $500. The desk also has a 3 part leather top with gold detailing. It's hard to see with the desk pad, but I keep it protected. Good story right? I've had 3 people try to buy it from me, lol. Oh, another fun fact, the ladderback chair in front of it was $5 at a yard sale, hee hee. I'm so cheap!
OK, the last 3 pics are of my newest acquire, a mahogany china cabinet/secretary. My husband and I play spar over whether it's a secretary or a china hutch. For my purposes it's a secretary/bookcase. Again I was scanning the classifeds etc. for a bookcase or secretary. They are ever so expensive! Then I found this on Ebay. It was listed as a mahogany or walnut china closet/secretary for a buy it now of a $100 and it was in north Jersey! I jumped up, told my husband to look, and he knew it was over. I was buying a secretary! I emailed my information to the seller and asked where they were. A very nice lady named Barbara emailed me back and said to call her later in the week since I wanted to pick it up on the weekend. Well, we both had a bit of bad news during the week so we were not sure what would happen. I called her Thursday and she said she was going to be in PA on Saturay and would bring it with her so we could meet in PA! Oh, my, what luck! This saved us a drive to alost New York. She then said she would call when she was done with her auction in PA so we could arrange a meeting. Saturday afternoon when she called she said she was driving towards us and needed to get on the NJ turnpike to go home anyway and would come over to NJ. I could barely contain myself now! She ended up meeting us at the entrance to the turnpike which is only 6 miles from our house. We were ever so grateful, so we gave her some money for all of her above and beyond help. She told us it was her mother in law's and unfortunately she did not have room for that one and the 2 others she already had. I told her that I planned on using it for books and she said I would love it. Little did she know I already did. It was quite dusty from storage and its finish has a few issues, but after 2 cans of Liquid Gold it shines with love again. It looks little like its auction pictures. I will do a little more work to it in due time to help preserve it, but I like the well worn look. You know somebody loved it enough to use it and used it a long time.